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They docked off in ***** and been here for *****... So they have been everywhere down town. A close friend of mine is a PR manager at a local club so him and his workers have been trying to get them down. Only their curfew is about the time the club opens so they opened early espcially for them and offered a cheap entrance fee with a free drink. I helped my friend PR and got chatting with afew of them.

Overall they caused no trouble with the locals and some were even helping out at a children with disability school and many were pretty glad to see mc donalds and starbucks for the first time in ages haha..

I seen afew fights break out, like you see in the films lol. And last night at the club my friend got punched and the bouncer attacked but it wasn't that heavy. They had one too many drinks and were complaining that there wasnt that many girls in the club lol..

Excuse the stars I dont want to reveal scheduals lol

See what happens tonight....
too much drink and not enough girls..oh dear

too much drink and more than enough girls..oh dear

fun eh?!
The next day the club never opened early as they didnt want to risk any fights breaking out again. But no other trouble from what i heard and we had a laugh with the ones we got to know.