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can I sound like an old fart and say dnb all sounds much of a muchness to me :eek:


you got to like the underlying beat but there are chilled out all the way to raging;dancing music rather than lying back and listening; l felt the same about heavy metal until you start differentiating.

liked that cello thing earlier; like a commentator said it makes cellos cool:cool:

Tamana -- Urdu poetry by Khwaja Mir Dard (18th century)

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As long as I have a tongue, it is this of which I speak
Much I have traveled in the garden of this world
What color and scent I have discovered
in this flower of love
It is you I yearn for, if I yearn at all
It is you I wish for, if I wish at all
Who else can my eyes befall upon
When wherever I look it is him I see before me
It is you I yearn for, if I yearn at all
It is you I wish for, if I wish at all
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I think this song represents a groundswell in anger at the injustices we see. Drugs are readily available all over, yet my government keeps up the pretense that they are innately evil. I have never taken an illegal drug, but I have had plenty of opportunity in both office and construction environments. The war on drugs has become a symbol of the inability of our government to see itself as fallible. That goes doubly for the commonwealth states.

At the same time, there is a constant fear of being sued by anybody about almost anything. The assumption that justice can be perfected has resulted in no justice for the middle-class person, who must be defended pro-bono.

The king of Qawwali, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan's Tere bin

Ohh, is Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan dead?? I hadn't realised that. :(
long time ago....his student & nephew Rahat Fateh Ali Khan continues the legacy.
And from the same period...

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