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Should the British History Museum return the Greek Marbles?

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BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Arts & Culture | Greece to unveil Acropolis museum

Do you think the Elgin Marbles should be returned to Greece? As what many other reputable museums of the world are doing out of good will.

Vatican sends back Parthenon head
Italy returns Parthenon fragment
Swede returns Acropolis relic

No return for Marbles, say British


I know of a Greek family that started crying after a visit to the British History museum. (Alittle extreme I know lol).
It's great to see the coverage of the Acropolis Museum opening - and here's hoping that the British make more effort in repatriating at least some of their ancient treasures to their original homes. :)
The discussion I listened to indicated this has been negotiated over time and one of the reasons this museum was built was to satisfy a requirement that they be able to care for the they hadn't been doing so well in the past...
And for the protection of the artefacts im sure will be much appreciated. Alot of damage occurred to them in transit from Greece to England aswell. Greece was under occupation of the Ottomans who used the Parthenon as a weapons storage place and then "accidentally" set on fire. Their return is based on the prinicple of these artefacts being in thier original location with all the other pieces. I don't think their creator intended them to be anywhere else.
The Ottomans had a nack for destroying Greek history to erase the legitimacy of the history of Greece and the people who wern't submissive. Its no coinsidence that the Parthenon was used as a Weapons storage place and accidently a fire breaking out from the ammunition.

Lord Elgin had obtained permission from the Ottomans to take these national treasures and they were more then happy to get rid of them.

The period of Ottoman occupation in Greece always resisted. And ceremonial suiside dances were done on cliff tops to avoid rape and capture. Its still a national dance today but not done in the same way :p.
After reading Neil MacGregor's insightful comments, on the link provided, I conclude that the British Museum should have a computer generated copy of the marbles with the original going back to Athens :) . This would be a fine case of the UN to resolve :D.