Is this the politician’s swan song?


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Is this the politician’s swan song?

There is a country song that has these lyrics:

Heaven's just a sin away,
Woah, oh, just a sin away.
I can't wait another day;
I think I'm givin' in.

SIN—Self Induced Narcotic—is the sin I wish to focus on. I often find in my reading that the author refers to our modern culture as being narcissistic. I found this reference confusing; I have discovered that the term ‘narcissism’ has many different definitions.

One prominent characteristic of narcissism that everyone seems to agree upon is the narcotic effect that permeates our culture. Our culture has chosen to hide from reality; we have a problem with SIN--Self Induced Narcotic.

Attitudes are difficult to change. While walking by a store front one day I glanced at my reflection and noted that I walked with a distinct slouch that irritated me. I decided to change and began to consciously throw my shoulders back, suck in the gut, and walk erect. Of course, as soon as I stopped concentrating on my posture I went back to my habitual slouch. Every time I thought about my posture I would throw back the shoulders and suck in the gut. One day I noticed that my slouch was gone—I had changed by physical attitude.

To change our mental attitude is just the same process. First I must become conscious of the problematic attitude, then I must will its change, then I must change my habits.