Absolutely stupid quotes

"I like the way Buffy St Marie makes me feel"

Patient "It hurts to do this" Doctor "Don't do it"

"Your halil meat was cooked on the grill" (in some non-muslim restaurant)

"Fastern your seatbelts, please" (as the steward rolls past you in the aisle)

"Nothing to worry about" (as the pilot lines up to land in a hot LZ)

One person's absolute stupid,
Is another's Holy Credo.
"So, if I stab you to death but you don't say no, it's not murder either?" (a response concerning a discussion about s.a. [neither South America or South Africa])

"Was that important?" concerning Tovarish's medical records

"These are interchangeable." concerning a AAA battery and a C battery

"Nothing bad happened." concerning the front end of a forklift and a stack of cement blocks and the repeated banging of one into the other

"Was that important for the doctor to know?" my brother at the eye doctor concerning his diagnosis of diabetes and his medications

Phyllis Sidhe_Uaine