Rolfing Massage


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Has anyone tried it? How does that compare to active release?
I went for 6 sessions. 7th was supposed to be head a deep head massage, I bailed on that one. Has anyone had that done?
I've done rolfing, not AR. Was pretty painful. I don't know about a deep head massage but the practitioner did some work on my neck that was pretty tough.
namaste Seal,

Welcome to the forum...haven't done rolfing known some rolfers over the years and some folks that were rolfed....just hasn't appealed to me...
Did it help, anyone? I haven't had it done, but I like deep tissue massage. I guess I have a high pain tolerance, because a lot of pressure is still tolerable to me and I feel much better afterwards. Some massage therapists have commented on my appreciation for more pressure than they usually can use on people.

I have some issues from injuries and lots of typing, and massage helps, but temporarily. Not sure if it is the same with rolfing. To correct posture and other habitual movement issues, I do dressage under a trainer at least every so often. She picks out any problems with my postures and ways I hold certain body parts and then I can correct them. The only problem that is always there is my right shoulder, which is locked in less mobility than my left due to old injuries. Now with a new injury that has restricted range of motion in that elbow, too, I'm kind of curious about what might help once I am fully healed and just facing limited motion.