Is it Morally wrong to overthrow a royal family?


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Its just something that I was wondering randomly. Considering that a royal family has come to power through force would it be wrong to remove them by force and declare yourself king?
Who made you king? Some tart in a lake...

But I digress. Yes what made them royal? But also what gives you the right?

We vote over here...but is the rule of this here family oppressive? Not working? Not beneficial?
Well, they have no more divine right to rule than anyone else, notwithstanding anything they have said to the contrary, and not a single one was built on a peaceful foundation.
Good luck with that, by the way.:rolleyes:
It would be morally wrong to overthrow them by force without first presenting your request that they step down from power, and giving the full reasoning behind your request, and allow them to make rebuttal arguments.

If they agree that it is indeed time for them to step down from power, then arrangements can be made for a peaceful transition of political power, which would save the people of the country the undesirable side effects of having to stage a coupe...
Morally wrong or just impractical? :)

Besides, have you seen how those poor folk live? It's a life long community service!