102 minutes that changed the world 9/11


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watching on channel 4 a moment by moment documentary of the world trade center horror, mobile and cam recordings; the night before was another one, on individuals who left messages and talked to their loved ones and heroes like Oreo, a fireman who had gotten up high via the stairs before it collapsed. An impossible task for any rescue unit. Heart rendering visions of a despicable act. l hope it is broadcast worldwide so others can see what no one wants to recur. Thoughts and love to all involved and who died tragically. l'm sure you folks in America will be getting even more coverage than over here.
NA, you are right, despicable act. We in the US have been living with it for 8 years now. Not sure that we are really ready to fully understand it and deal with it. Quite a somber topic. I have had the opportunity to visit ground zero several times in the last few years. I think we will be living with 9-11 for many years to come.
Some of us are still waiting for a full investigation. I'm not a conspiracy nut, but if someone can explain Building Seven's perfect collapse (as well as the Twin Towers near-perfect collapse) in terms that any idiot (like myself) can understand, I'd greatly appreciate it.

Your avatar explains it perfectly......cover-up.
Only the naive and the medicated think otherwise.
I would have thought it perfectly logical that if you concentrated some of the nation's top secret military and intelligence offices into a single building, then you would absolutely categorically have in play an option of last resort to ensure all such records were completely and irrevocably destroyed in the event the building's security were breached to such a degree as to not be recoverable.

The surprise is that rather that admit this, the US has been trying to avoid all mention of Tower 7 in the previous 9/11 investigation.

Am I the only person who thinks people in the military would think like this?