Is there a Religion based upon Monism?

Discussion in 'Comparative Studies' started by Penelope, Dec 4, 2009.

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    I don't know the history of Monism ... as a theological or philosophical idea (if Monism has such a history).

    But it sounds kind of close to what I believe.
    A core belief.

    & & &

    We - each (and perhaps collectively) - are a single substance.

    There is no body-soul dualism.

    The body lives, with a soul inside it.
    And the body dies, and the soul separates from the now insentient body and goes to heaven or hell, or becomes a ghost haunting its familiar habitations.
    No. Not something I accept.)

    I believe the equation of human substance ... is far trickier than that, to nail down.
    But also ... far more radically simple.

    (But haven't thought it thru, yet.)

    One substance.

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    Does any existing (or once existing) religious tradition ... argue for Monism?

    (Does any religious tradition struggle to argue against Monism? What are the core arguments against Monism?)

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