Posts/thread segments that "go to hell" (so to speak)

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Should we have a so-called museum/sanctuary/"hell" for deleted/"damned" posts?

  1. Yes: to remember bad examples to be discouraged, good/bad times, social benefits etc.

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  2. No, we can't keep them

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  1. Saltmeister

    Saltmeister The Dangerous Dinner

    Jul 23, 2005
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    Every now and then, the teasing and sarcasm goes a little too far.

    Ok, maybe someone swears, derails a thread, makes seemingly racist comments, makes politically incorrect comments or supposedly "flames" another member.

    In the case of "flaming," the two members arguing with each other probably don't think of it as flaming, trolling or bullying. But if you asked them, they're just being friendly with each other and don't see it as misbehaviour.:) They don't see them as personal attacks. It may be interpreted as antagonistic and hostile posts, but they could also be friendly, teasing and sarcastic ones.

    The moderators decide that normal, healthy discussion has been disrupted and intervene. Sometimes there's just a warning. Other times, whole posts and thread segments are deleted and like an "act of God" vanish into oblivion.

    For some of us these entertaining posts were actually enjoyable and entertaining, not the least bit offensive or disruptive. I believe most of us here who frequent these forums are mature adults who like to engage in a bit of fun every now and then and like to play around and pretend to fight wars. We know what we're doing (most of the time). We start fires and put them out promptly. We create havoc but we believe it's ok because we know we're in control.

    In response to what happened in the "the Swiss are idiots" thread with what I thought (for part of the thread at the time) was an amusing exploration on how the word "idiot" could be used, I thought I might ask if we could create a special "museum" for "disruptive" posts and thread segments so that the interesting and dangerous specimen could be stored and locked away safely but observed and looked at by visitors passing by.

    I don't want to think that posts deleted by moderators are completely destroyed and annihilated.

    Could we have what I might call a "hell for posts" or "museum" for posts that are "damned" from the discussion forums? It'd be like . . . a zoo, a sanctuary for bad posts.

    I just feel that this is a way of remembering all the good and bad times here.:)

    Think about the social benefits!
  2. 17th Angel

    17th Angel לבעוט את התחת ולקחת שמות

    Sep 8, 2005
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    I find those the most amusing/interesting of posts..... heh.
  3. iBrian

    iBrian Peace, Love and Unity Admin

    Jul 15, 2003
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    Actually, no post is ever deleted - they are removed to a "Sin bin" for reference purposes, so we can keep a record of bad behaviour from individual members or even IP's.

    However, if anyone wants a record of bad behaviour, I believe there are a number of unmoderated Usenet forums, where you can be subjected to all the silliness you wish. :)

    Ideally, should replicate a university research department, where interested people discuss matters from their own perspective. I know some people have refused to invite others here because of concern they may not like some of the previous levels of banter, and I think the entire community loses out from that.

    This is a British site, it has an old fashioned requirement for civility, that's all. :)

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