IMPORTANT: The Big Change


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In the second week of April I publicly launched a site called "". It was supposed to be the dawning of a new philosophy.

Unfortunately, I spent so much effort on collecting world religious resources and the overall site layout that I failed to find a way to deliver the philsophy in a coherent way. I needed much more time to structure it adequately.

So in its third week of existence "foundationist,org" was toned down into a general comparative religion site.

Then the server all my sites were on was hacked - after a few days the server was taken offline and I lost anything I hadn;t backed-up (the forum databases I prioritised backing up, and didn;t lose too much information).

I moved every domain to it's own shared server with different hosting companies, and rushed through a general expansion of internet presence with the opening of new domains (some still in development).

And then while checking out search engine optimisation terms, I discovered that no one had registered "". :-X

As I only wanted a comparative religion site now it made sense to register and redeisgn everything.

"" was up for three weeks, then taken down.

Three weeks later, "" was born.

I still have some changes to make, but we've only just been online for two days.

Welcome to a new beginning. Welcome to

You've been offline for a long time brian. I hope you are staying up. I only found out thanks to the e-mail. What has happened to the foundationist site? The link doesn't work at all. ???