Do you have a soul?

Just a question.

  • Are you a body with a soul?

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  • Are you a soul with a body?

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  • Or something else entirely?

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Sums up nicely what I believe and saves me having to come out of my hole and think of how to put it ... well done Q.
Lol, never be afraid to "climb the water spout", as Dream alluded to. "Spiders" can walk on water, naturally...:)
Post 114: I am in essence grains, atoms of sand.... Slowly slipping through an hourglass into eternal darkness.

In essence you are CONSCIOUSNESS living in a Sand Castle like body in an Ocean of of Time.

Black contains all colors.
White Light contains all colors.
Consciousness is above inanimate stasis.
We are in a dynamic Machine where there is always the case that:
Life comes form life IOW, Consciousness comes from Consciousness.

It seems to me that consciousness comes from life, and that consciousness does not "live" in a body, but is an expression or aspect of the activity of that body.

That said, it is an open question of whether or not one's subjective experience (to the extent that one can even be said to "own" one) continues on through time into other bodies. I'm partial to the idea that there is no personal essence or soul that continues, but that still leaves open the possibility of "rebirths" of a series of flickers of consciousness wherever conscious beings exist. "You" might not continue, but maybe conscious awareness continues to be generated from other bodies.

To put that another way, there may be life after death, just not your own.

At least, that's a speculation.