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I have often heard the idea that we are incarnated because of some prearranged contract, or that we are here to learn lessons. If I am an eternal soul (Self) and have incarnated countless times, then in the great scheme of things that would make me slightly less than retarded as far as awareness goes. After countless incarnations, I would hope for a little more awareness than what I have demonstrated in my lifetime.

It seems to me that it would be human-centric of me to assume my being here is about me. To give an example of how dummied down I had gotten , I hold to the idea that the soul is eternal but used to talk of "old" & "new" souls, and even go as far as saying God created me. How does something eternal come to be created, or be "older" or "newer" for that matter? There seemed a bit of a gap in logic there.

The evolution of consciousness in the universe obviously predates humanity's debut on the scene. So an eternal soul would not be solely associated with the human form, but would be the seed of consciousness that has been evolving through more complex forms over history's timeline. My part in evolution would be a reflection of the whole of consciousness awakening from it's attachment to creation, or the forms it inhabits. This awakening would eventually lead the unconscious creator away from the dream of forms.

Maybe the reason why I (the non physical Self) am here is because as cell/soul/part/etc of the active principle, I have to be here if the active principle is still here. I've perceived that some awakened parts of the active principle continue to evolve past this physical reality. It is my present understanding that I would continue to incarnate as long as I have exoteric awareness. Once evolved past the exoteric to Self awareness, then I am free from physical birth.

Maybe those lessons that I had attributed to myself once were just the process of deep sleep evolving to lucidity along the same well established path of the active principle's evolution. When I really considered it, there is really nothing original being learned here as far as emotional & spiritual awareness is concerned. It has pretty much been the same scripts with different scenery since the dawn of mankind on this planet. The only area of marked evolution has really been in mental or intellectual activities. And really, only a tiny percentage of the human family is ever fully invested in these endeavors, pulling the rest along in innovations.

It only took me a little contemplation and reflection to see the limitation of thinking that my incarnation is was school for the soul. Did I choose the books, people, experiences, and timing to get me in the right place doing the right thing at the right time? Or did I run into my epiphanies? What would be the gain of "learning" what is already known? I think it is more likely that every time I have reincarnated, I have to start all over again and return to the point I left off, then inch another few steps forward along the evolutionary spectrum.

It was more likely an unfortunate effect of being in a physical body, and being taught that that it was my identity, then actually having anything to do with a classroom Earth. This would explain why some people seem called onto higher awareness. They had passed many of the awareness barriers the last time around, but never made it to awakened levels. Focusing my time here on gaining Self awareness may be the only preventative measure I have as an individual from having to return to this place again.

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