Psychic mediums don't believe in Hell?

Discussion in 'New Age' started by pghguy, Oct 24, 2010.

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    Aug 9, 2011
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    I am not saying there is no hell . We all create our own hell . God gave us the power to create our own reality . We punish our selve , not God. We all create our own reality conscioulsy , unconcioulsy , for good and bad . If our soul is punished in hell it is because of a belief in hell . I see the point to life rite now to let go of all repressed beliefs , fears , programing , ect. from this life and past ones . desert rat
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    I don't disagree with your conclusions, desert rat. I also think we can help others to, similarly, let go of what they no longer need to be holding onto.
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    Which set of jettisoned issues are referred to?
    1. "Un-resolved Childhood trauma & conflicts etc"
    1. "Communal living off-the grid with home schooling etc"
    Reality produces reality ---some do via bad planning & investment of labor/resources ---some do via Successful planning et al.

    So real-estate values can span the gambit from poisoned slums to gated communities.

    Hell is subjective according to taste ---but loss of all refined previledges accorded learned Mankind is hellacious ---IMO, 99% of Humans live bellow the standard that is UNIVERSALY desirable.

    Maybe one knows Hell when they have experienced it first hand; and are not so fortunate as to think as Buddha's Parents had hoped ---that the young Siddharta Buddha should never know of the sufferring of the outside world's inhabitants.

    Saying there is no Hell is to say There is NO SUFFERRING occurring.

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