Are Yima Kshaeta and Gilgamesh the Same?

Discussion in 'Comparative Studies' started by mojobadshah, Jan 20, 2011.

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    I am aware that Yima Kshaeta in Zoroastrian literature, Romulus and Remus in Roman literature, and Yimir in Norse literature are variations of the same figure, but was Gilgamesh a variation of this figure too?

    -Gilgamesh lived in ancient Uruk or Iraq / Zahak (Av. Azi Dahaka) slays Jamshid (Av. Yima Kshaeta); Zahak is associated with the people of Iraq

    -Gilgamesh built the walled city of Uruk / Yima built a Var or enclosure

    -Enkidu was Gilgamesh's second self/ the word Yima may be cognate to the word gemini as in "twin"

    -Gilgamesh travelled to meet Utnapishtim, survivor of the great flood / Yima built a Var to shelter the life from an ice age

    -Enkidu loses his innocence and dies / Jamshid loses his glory and dies

    -Gilgamesh searches for a plant that will make him immortal / Jamshid is associated with a cup that is filled with an elixir of immortality

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