What is Alawite Islam (in Syria)?

Discussion in 'Islam' started by Amergin, Apr 9, 2011.

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    I have only the ideas conveyed from my wife about her family's beliefs. So it may be even she isn't fully understanding what her Grandmother believes, so I will leave it at that is the common view from the outside (as confirmed by many other sources when I asked what their view of it was). However most Sunnis would say Shias also border on reformists in their heightened view of Ali although it is my understanding Shias don't view him as a prophet or even near it, but rather an important person (and of course some early disagreements in politics to go with it).
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    Alawites / Nusayris / Druze / Bahais and a few others are considered extreme (Ghulat) sects, by the mainstream Shias. Not a Wahhabi geopolitical game. Both Sunni and Shias consider them extreme. The late Henry Corbin touched on it in his copious works. Those sects embrace the phenomenon of Christology (as Corbin puts it) where the divine becomes a man, maybe vice versa too. The Pentad of the Shias is the starting point i think (the holy family of 5).

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