Samadhi and Turiya states of Super Consciousness and liberation

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    What are the pathways to achieve this state?
    Swami Shivananda describes types of Samadhi by reconciling different approaches.
    · A Raja Yogi attempts the annihilation of the Vrittis (restraining the mental modifications) the Nirodha Samadhi.
    · A Vedanti gets Bheda-Samadhi through Mithyatva-Buddhi. A Vedanti has always Atma-Bhava, Brahma-Bhava whenever he comes across objects. He does not try to annihilate the Vrittis.
    · A Bhakta gets Bhava-Samadhi through Prema (love) of the Lord. He, like the Vedanti, changes his mental attitude.
    · A Hatha Yogi draws all his Prana from the different parts of his body and takes it to the Sahasrara Chakra (thousand-petalled lotus) at the top of the head. Then he enters into Samadhi (super conscious state).
    Concluding thoughts:
    “The attainment of Samadhi is not a sufficient cause to eradicate false knowledge, and since false knowledge is the cause of bondage, Samadhi cannot therefore be the cause of liberation”.
    Well, that is classical position of Jnana Marga of Shankracharya (based on dominant Advaita School) and equally supported by Brahma Sutra so I remain somewhat baffled by relationship of Samadhi, Turiya consciousness and ultimate state of liberation. Obviously liberation from what and leading oneself into what permanent existential mode remains a matter of controversy as well.
    Well, this represents my comprehensive review of this profoundly intriguing phenomenon which may be the door to ultimate enlightenment out of human experience. I also have to wonder about true Samadhi and/or Turiya state as opposed to any possibility of hysteria, malingering and also temporal lobe epilepsy. I am wondering where and how one draws a line there!!! I am convinced that there is a higher state of super consciousness beyond what we experience in our daily life but how one achieves it and how it is perceived remains a mystery unfathomable to our mind with limited instruments we possess.
    Christianity appears describe two stages of meditation - concentration and ultimately contemplation as a final destination with beatific vision as described by Frederic B. Underwood.
    Final destination of Sahaja Samadhi as per Yoga and Vedanta is to cleanse the mind of all thoughts starting from all irrelevant thoughts logically progressing to getting rid of all thoughts. Professor Masao representing Buddhist school states that the getting rid of thoughts could as well as be described as getting rid of the ego - because the ego represents the primal 'I' thought. This results in a culmination where God of different religions (Saguna Brahman) is transcended into an abstraction of and leading to a merger with Nirguna Brahman i.e. formless eternal all pervading self.
    This has been described in Vedanta as Sat- Chit- Ananda or Satyam- Jananam- Ananatam. This is the Turiya state or Sahaja Avastha of Samadhi. It is the ultimate self -realization or self-actualization of Vedanta.
    Professor Arvind Sharma describes that one can blow the flickering candle as the dawn begins to break out as it becomes distracting and increasing irrelevant. One can also imagine that although flickering gives a brief glimpse of Turiya consciousness in the dark night of ignorance, in the end one in a broad day light of enlightened state of Turiya consciousness, a flickering candle becomes redundant by itself.
    I can also imagine a close parallel of a three way light, as one begins to turn the switch in progressive manner, light becomes more intense and vision becomes more enhanced in deep dark night just as one begins the climb the ladder of Samadhi hierarchy. In the end when one reaches ultimate state of bright Turiya consciousness of enlightenment, that light switch suddenly becomes redundant. The mighty bright light of Turiya state drowns out the bulb light.
    That bright light is formed by a union of knower and known where there is no “Other” but just the “Self (Atman – Brahman complex) burning in all brightness and majesty of Super consciousness of Turiya state.
    That must be the ultimate enlightenment in human experience which should hopefully be followed by liberation from bondage!!!!!!!
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