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After reciting the Qur'an, they were coming out of the mosque when Hasan shouted angrily, tearing his ass off "Muhammed, Muhammed come here".
Muhammed guy, in his 12s, was on his way to somewhere accompanied by 3 upper-floor's (*) Quran receiters. He turned back and smilingly said, "No", in a voice that could only be heard by Hasan.
In front of the mosque's main entrance, Hasan shouted again "You afraid, dont you? You girlie, boy, girlie!" as he chased them go by.
Mohammed once again turned back only this time in a more louder voice, "None of your business, boy, none of your business".
Taking her loose headscarf off, Neshe kissed him on the cheek.
4 of them giggled and walked away...

* in Turkiye upper-floor of the mosques' are reserved for women/girls for pray and/or read Quran.

"How come these stinking Arabs could name their children as Muhammed", my grandpa used to yell "Never heard of a guy called jesus, did you?". "No, but there are lots of Musas (Moses) or Nuhs (Noah) in here" i said. "Get the **** outta here, bastard. you son ova.." he farted. So i ran )
I'm afraid I missed the point of this...

...did I lose something in translation?
yeah, actually its not thetranslation but the culture itself.
since the guy that has named muhammed is about to become gay, it wont be appropriate for your children to be named with a prophet's names, you'll never know which side his soul belongs to(/ chooses maybe ?)
understandable that you didnt understand the point, since you are not familiar with the muslims tradition, i'll help you with that if you have any questions "how things go in muslim countries.."

when you know.. things become much clearer i said to myself yesterday nite )