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    Dear Friends,

    Over the past 20 years, His Eminence Tsem Rinpoche has benefited beings all over the world with his brand of Dharma, his causes, his pure views on how to live life, and also his constant giving to many people, most of which he has never met before. Now he is faced with certain challenges pertaining to his health. Hence, Tsem Ladrang E-Division has undertaken an initiative to garner support for Rinpoche, to help Rinpoche so he can carry on touching many lives. We have come up with this campaign ‘Help One Help Many’ in which there are several methods are available to support Rinpoche in his hour of need.

    Please assist to share the word around and do what you can to give a helping hand to a sincere and altruistic being like Tsem Rinpoche. One can share this campaign through emails, social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc) or whatever online platforms that one is comfortable with, one CLICK can make a difference!

    The ‘Help One Help Many’ campaign can be found on this URL - help one help many dot kechara dot com

    Best Wishes
    Tsem Ladrang E-Division

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