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[Master of Ceremonies] Hello all, thank you, thank you. Please, remain seated...the show will start in a few minutes; we had some trouble with the projector, but it will only be a few minutes. In the meantime, here's some words of introduction from our custodian:

[Cross+Flame] My, what am amazing group of interfaith peoples we have here! I'm one of those silly Christians that believes Christians don't have a monopoly on what we call God, and that whatever there is that is *more* to this world is for everyone to experience in their own way.

[Master of Ceremonies] Um, thank you sir....but shouldn't you be introducing the speaker?

[Cross+Flame] I run an interfaith discussion board myself, and I'm always looking to talk to more people, and see how discussions pan out in other communities...and perhaps bring some interesting topics found here to my own community. Discussion, after all, is about mutual give/take, so I enjoy discussing topics with a wide variety of people wherever I can. ;) So I'm adding ComRel to my daily collection plate!

[Master of Ceremonies] Sir, if you aren't going to introduce the speaker, then I will have you ejected!

[Cross+Flame] I'm a lifelong United Methodist, born and bred in Oklahoma (USA) and now I attend school in Massachusetts (USA). I have a penchant for discussions and interpretations that force liberals/conservative Christians to interact with each other instead of living in their ghettoes. I also enjoy interfaith conversation as it gives richness to the world I cannot experience in my own vein. Volleyball is life.

[Master of Ceremonies] Security! Can we get some security in here! Who let Michael Moore into this screening of Lady and the Tramp?

[Cross+Flame]Anyways, thank you for being a presence here, and I look forward to many amazing

[conversation suddenly cut short]
Hi Cross + Flame, and welcome to CR!

That's a nice forum you've got there, too - always nice to meet others with similar interests in that area. :)

And you're an Okie methodist! Have you by any chance had a chance to read any of the articles by our resident Okie methodist lay preacher and columnist?

Sounds like you'll fit in nicely, if you feel a need to respite from work pressures. :)