Rush to Judgement?

Discussion in 'Politics and Society' started by radarmark, Mar 5, 2012.

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    Rush Limbaugh Actually Apologizes to Sandra Fluke - The Hollywood Gossip

    I do not do social media (except insofar as this site can be considered such). But this is so amazing. First that a grown man said this. Second that he did not get the point of her testimony--over 15% of perscriptions for contraceptives are for other (non-contraception) purposes. Third that he and his dittoheads get off saying "others do it". The only comments I know of that are anything near this (but I admitted I am no expert) were Bill Maher's jibe about Palin and Don Imus' gaffe. Maher never did get renewed and only Fox (which really do not care too much about the character of their representatives, on-screen and off) had the gall to re-hire Imus.

    This is the XXIst century. Not the Middle Ages. What a Neaderthal!

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