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    "Whoever acts in truth comes into the light". The truth is the word of the Lord and cannot lie. Anyone who refuses to honor the truth and serve the Lord is a liar and his father is the devil because Satan is a liar, there is no truth in him.
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    From Life comes life.
    From wealth comes wealth.

    "Invaded" --????

    Did Columbus 'Invade' Hispanola.
    Did the British Invade their Colony commonwealths?

    By use of the word 'invade" you have stated that a siege occurred ---that infers resistance by the indigenous inhabitants.

    Why was prime real estate in prime agricultural climes inhabited by only lowly indigenous peoples? Why were highly cultured and organised governers living in less desirable climes?

    As far as scientific proof goes ---it's only good for toilet reading material and for warring technologies ---as manufactured by the winning parties.

    Each passing day comes with news that yesterday's theory has been superceeded by today's postulation.

    Meanwhile, reality equates to 2.500 calories per day of food ---and that's all people really expect from "science".

    IOW, 3500 years . . . of generations of Dead ancestors ---that is all that has been occurring and fill the History Books between their lines.

    Science is another word for Product Manufacturing, Placement & Marketing.

    All else is about queuing up the get a piece of the action.

    "M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E."
    "Tuck and roll."
    "Anyone over 30 can't be trusted."
    "'Cool-aide' stock are on the rise"
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    (Zarathushtra) — And his blessedness, even that of Ahura Mazda, shall the nobles strive to attain, his the Aryans (Airyamnâ) with the brotherhood, his, ye Daevas, in the manner as I declare it. 
(The Representatives of the Classes) — As thy messengers we would keep them far away that are enemies to you. – Yasna 32.1

    3. Thereupon gave Haoma answer, he the holy, and driving death afar: Pourushaspa was the fourth man who prepared me for the corporeal world. This blessedness was given him, this gain did he acquire, that thou, O Zarathushtra! wast born to him, the just, in Pourushaspa's house, the Daeva's foe, the friend of Mazda's lore, (14) famed in Airyana Vaejah (airyene vaêjahe) ; and thou, O Zarathushtra! didst recite the first the Ahuna-vairya, four times intoning it, and with verses kept apart [(Pazand) each time with louder and still louder voice]. – Yasna 9:14

    Yasna 9:14 is the oldest Indo-Iranian composition that shows the form "Aryan" was used to designate an actual Aryan homeland, which means that the Irano-Afghans were "Aryan" in the national sense. The Indics do not mention an Aryan homeland until after the Vedic period in the Manusmirti. But maybe you can help me here Bhaktajan. Can you read devangari because BX claimed that an almost identical form of the form Aryan appears in the Manusmirti. Can you confirm this?

    I think the Scythians would make a much better candidate for a mother tongue of the Indo-Europeans. They lived on part where the Slavs, the Celto-Italic (see also Halstat) , and Germanic people arose. The earliest Buddhist compositions that are written in Buddhas own words show evidence of Saka or Scythian influence. Buddha himself was known as "the Great Sakamuni." This was later than the Vedic period, but shows that the aristocracy was mixed Irano-Afghan and Indic. If I'm not mistaken the Albanians even lived under Parthian rule for a while and the Parthians were Scythians. Lithuanian is very similar to Sanskrit and therefore Gathic Avestan. And there is also evidence of Irano-Afghan loans in Myceneaen, the earliest attested Greek language.

    The conventional etymology is Eur- "wide" + opa "face" cf. opos "eye" like in Eth-opia. But weren't the Purusha the ancient Parsu or Pashtuns?

    That is convention.

    I don't know enough about Jiroft. But for sure the Irano-Afghans displaced the Elamites, and the Indics the Dravidians.

    The interesting thing about the Tibetans is that like the Zarathushtrians they both practiced exhumation. They didn't bury their dead. Some have even postulated that the pre-Buddhist Tibetan religion known as Bonn and the religion of the Aryans descended from a common ancestor. Another thing that may be worth noting is that the Tibetans were one of the peoples who the Nazis performed anthropological studies and they concluded that they were descendents of the PIE Aryans.
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    Ah, bhaktajan, I guess we agree to disagree.

    I think of scientific as just figuring out problems (like chimps figuring out how to use a stalk of grass to get to termites or the Hmong how to get food since the Vietnamese took overt their hillsides--they were shipped in rice).

    Invasions happen. It does not mean siege (especially in the days before cities). The early Cro-Magnons invaded Europe from the steppes. Ditto for all kinds of folk up to and including the Mongols (Great Russians test pretty consistently for Mongolian genes).

    Yes, the Spanish (not Columbus, personally) invaded the Americas. Yes, the English invaded North America, Austrailia, and Tasmania (there are no more aboriginal Tasmanians). The Vietnamese displaced a lot of lowland T'ais, the lowland T'ais displace most of the Hmong, the Hmong displaced most of the remaining Khumu (1880-1980 in Laos).

    People displace people or intermarry with them (there are two opposite sides to the Neanderthal extinction question--we massacred them or we intermarried tham out of existence as a separate group). Not nice, not bad, just is.

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