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    I have formed an Esoteric Book Club, in Davis, CA (via meetup) and during our first meeting this book came up.
    It is very interesting to me because it links religion/spirituality and The Arts in various ways. I wrote on this on my essay the Art or the Pulpit;

    "So what is this two pronged way to Bliss?

    One is Meditation. The other is Art. You can accomplish more with a piece of music or a fine painting than hours, days or month in a lecture hall or reading books from self proclaimed “gurus”. Nicholas Roerich was a consummate artist but he was also a Lawyer, Explorer and Peace maker. He was a giant of a man.

    The problem is most people are caught up in the nasty business of making a living and preferably in a style of attempting to keep up with the Jones’ next door. Hence we are prisoners of our own desires of material fluff.

    Art should be subsidized in the US. It should be taught in schools more and kids should have more of a choice in life rather than be this little cog in the “machine” or the other “cog”, which is of course, no choice at all!

    Some people are incarnated to this life to uplift others by their art. Why not help them?

    Of course their life is destined to be an uphill battle and sometimes their art suffers because of it. It should be different. We waste so much on destruction, killing and weapons and sacrifice our souls and bliss in the process.

    Art is better than the pulpit for millions. I have more respect for a “starving artist” than the self-proclaimed spiritualist at a Psychic Fair. Of course don’t get me wrong they have their place too. But there are so may of them and it is so obvious that people decided to be in the business of being Spiritual. Right there something will happen. It’s simply not natural. In the old days a Spiritual man lived under a tree and people came to them, not the other way around. Now you write a confusing book and get on Oprah, Wham! You’re a “guru”! Need I say more?"

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