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I was looking for a free program that records every word I write so that in case there is an accident that wipes out all my typing, then I can still have a copy and resume my work. This happens at times when having finished a post and then clicking on the submit button, horror of horrors, there had been a disruption of the ISP connection and I did not know; so the whole post is irreversibly lost.

While searching in the net I came upon this very useful program for myself, for I had always longed for a program that will unfailingly enlarge the text in a browser window, and at the same time wrap every line at the right edge of the screen, instead of truncating them.

No, I am not an agent for this website. Here is the address for that program called Browser Buddy, and it is very short and very simple to use, enabling you to highlight a word or a whole selection, and every important for me, to enlarge the whole window if you so desire, and without any truncation at the right edge of the screen.


If anyone come across my longing for a program of 'automatic save as you write', please post the address here in this thread.

Susma Rio Sep aka Pachomius2000
Do the following actions before you post:

1. click you mouse cursor into your post
2. Press these two keys at the same time: CTRL+A - this highlights all of your post
3. Then press these two keys at the same time: CTRL+C - this copies all of your post.

Should your post be lost (as sometimes happens - interrupted internet connection, or session logout) then simply press the following two keys: CTRL+V - this will paste the information into whatever text box or text program you caer to use - though do note that you will lose this information if you use the same procedure on another set of information.

I had to learn the hard way using MSN. :)
You could always write your posts off-net in your word processing program, and then after saving them, cut-and-paste into the box like this one for posting purposes. I know some people on other forums I frequent who do this all the time. I only do it if I know it's going to be a long post, or a post that I'm particularly invested in getting posted.
Thanks, and something personal

Thanks, Brian, for that instruction on ctrl+a, ctrl+v, and ctrl+v, with that very important detail about clicking the cursor into my post. I used to click anywhere and got the whole page saved in the clipboard. What did my old man use to say? "Learn something new with every meal."

Thanks also, MissAttitude, about using a word processor; but you know Jesus was right about not thinking what to say when you are put in a spot, but to trust the Spirit to prompt you. My best thoughts and writings come when the isp is connected and I am writing in the message box itself. Do you have the same experience? When I start with a word processor, ideas and words come with great difficulty and take a long time.

Re: Thanks, and something personal

I visited the site....and interestingly they have added a new ....plug in for Internet Explorer ...through which you can save the selected text....
and its called save Buddy...


..thanks... for the link....