The Divine Connexion

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    bb, et al {as to address us `one' is to address us in group format, too} ...

    No, I don't necessarily disagree with you, were you to suggest that there is a future and Heavenly, as well as also an Earthly Zion quite well on the way. But while I may *seem* to wax Xian for a moment, bb, I think you know me better. To wit ...

    ~ I would say
    that if you want to take `The Divine Connexion' [thread, topic, relationship & Adventure] to the next level, we'll want to talk turkey, while keeping things simple, civil & productive [rather than counter to that], so already my WORK is cut out for me thrice-over ... yet I insist I am up 4 the task.

    At best I may hope to pull off some modest measure of success as a karma yogin, so I approach it with open heart and ~ as well as I may, my wits about me.

    My Goal is this: Assist in the peeling of an onion, as it must surely afford us some insights at least on occasion, as when it `turns to glass.' ;)

    The question, the focus I would say, is on what you believe was the relationship of the Galilean master, or Teacher of Righteousness [sic] to:

    • the rest of us, as also to and with
    • the Divine (in a sense which hopefully we can all agree quite Transcends the `you and me' [in any & all of its/our expressions, save some pretty darn Essential levels in the navigating & experiencing of which I am certainly but an Egg, as Michael puts it {Heinlein}])
    • and this leads us full circle to `What's my/our [particular/universal] relationship with & to Deity/God, w/or w/out Christ Jesus, or the Galilean Master {ToR}?' Surely this questions begs itself!
    • so of course, the next and followup questions will be:
    How has or have these Relationships perhaps changed and evolved over time, bringing us to the present [if we dare] ... and then projecting as reasonably as we may into the likely or hoped-for Future. That can be stage or phase two, if & when we make it. One step atta time.

    Which reminds me, "Atta boy, Luther!" But that's neither here nor there, except for anyone who remembers a particular or two about my background and can make the several gonnexions. At any rate ... I'm done! :eek:
    The remainder is a footnote, as I assert at least twice below, thus I am formatting what follows as optional COMMENTARY, since it is not immediately relevant to the next step, if we want to achieve Synergy/Group Mind and a better stand-undering. That's what I'm after, anyway, and is that so unrealistic or unattainable? ;)
    And I hope you will accept as a necessary a priori to the whole discussion that yes, in fact, Deity [u fill in da ___] does have and always will have, a `Divine Plan,' such that none of us can really play new-ager and talk about Divine Connexions really being here all along ~ which isn't to say that this is erroneous, and yet - now we'd be begging the whole darn question all over again, taking it down to the level of Metaphysical models, assumptions, backgrounds, and all of the pleasanter parts of a simple dialogue and civil exchange between a group (!) of like-minded, Nobly motivated individuals. If we are not at least *this* from the outset, even hypothetically and in our aspirations, no amount of back'n'forth will really get us anywhere, now will it. ;) :p

    So, I quite suppose that's a 2nd a priori, as I refuse to accept that any such `pure evil' or for that matter, `pure good' exists, even in a Manichean or Mazdean sense. Rather, I would say that the yin-yang symbol (and philosophy/worldview) aptly expresses this: Everywhere in nature, even despite our [human or otherwise] screw-ups, things tend toward a BALANCE ... such that even when/once we must invoke a Heavenly Order to begin to explain & account for things {DOH! just you try and get by, otherwise, rofl :D} ~ STILL, it's not in that sense Divine Intervention [often, or necessarily] ... rather, it's simply back to the Divine Connexion, for I say, `G*d' has been at this since ere the first Singularity made its outward expression [don't get into Ain Soph/Aur too deep too quick, for as one Wise Woman spoke in plain English to me, "If you want to study Kabbalah, first master the Torah."].

    As an observer of cycles, yes, I quite see or can observe the coming of a Celestial, or a Cosmic Christ, but I do not think the like has YET BEEN fully or even slightly fully expressed on our planet. As such, we still struggle even to accept and affirm the SOLAR Relation/Creation/angle on stellar contraction, followed by inflation. Planetary? Ah, well there are supposedly a whole HOST of orbs out there, vastly more evolved than ours, and my experience confirms it ... while direct, 1sthand is a little more difficult to translate or express, even where some details *have* seeped through.

    BB, et al, my appeal is to not dimiss with yet another wave of the hand what I truly, earnestly believe you would agree with, were u&i 2 c 4 a moment i2i, therefore, commonly, understanding. Ha! Oh me .... oh my.

    Or something like that; I have to get back to work. But if you excise the last 85% of this chatter, it gets us back to 2 or 3 simple questions which I think each of us [interested in this topic/discussion] might answer, if you think it would help our Cause.

    And I do, so I would gladly go first, yet despite the occasion, I'd like to say nothing more until bb, skinker, radar et al [everyone!] might chime in.

    The more concise the better, for I do tend to obfuscate ~ if only by virtue of non-brevity ... and then, we all kind of know that's not the only factor.

    But besides that, could we at least get more to the heart of this matter?

    Start with ~ those questions which will naturally lead us straight into the investigation of ZION ...not forgetting this has obvious overlap, as we move closer toward today, with the founding of the POLITICAL state of Israel, where also an UNITED NATIONS has long since been established {vide `League of Nations'} and has also sought directly, in numerous & divers ways to make appeal to the hearts and minds of ALL People, and Peoples Under the S*n, on `God's Green Oif.'

    Ooof. I may step outside for a smoke. God knows what's next, so take all I've shared for w-e it's woif. :D

    Siriusly, though, there are those 2 or 3 short ?s ... and I'll fall in tout de suite with a new fig leaf here somewhere. IN fact, as I have already said most of this is a FOOTNOTE, please allow me to format it as such. It's not, in that, a recursive loop, yet maybe the mind/Universe/God & there4 SOUL, is ... :)
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    Yes, and perhaps the Russell's kettle, Nessie, the unicorn, FSM, leprechuans, and so on.
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    I am on neither "side" here. I merely wish to point out it is not naive or lunacy to believe in either mind or soul. Before you attack me on that, read perhaps the greatest single defense of theology in modern philosophy, the last 20 pages of Whitehead's Process and Reality and if you need help understanding (it is dense) look at LeClerc's Whitehead's Metaphysics.

    What the argument boils down to is that we (each and every one) do experience qualia (that which fills the consciousness), one may choose to ignore this fact (like Huxley). But only a few serious philosophers of the mind believe it illusion (this is especially true of younger and more eastern thinkers). Similarly, if there are eternal mental entities ('good", "just", G-d, deduction) there must exist some mental object that manifests all of these).

    Yep, there is no "Absolute Proof". But then neither is there any for sceientistic material monism. It is a matter of reflexion, of abduction, of what is reasonable.

    Our opinions may differ, but that is the fun of it all!
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    Yes, that is the fun. 'Good' and 'bad' are relational. Polygamy is not bad with muslims and not even with hindus (how many wives Krishna is supposed to have? 16,008 if we go by mythology) though it may be against the current Indian law for hindus.

    Whatever I see or hear of, is constituted by 'physical energy'. That is why I opt for 'Advaita' (non-duality). The day I hear of any other such entity, I will change my views. :)

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