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    One of the last reports I encountered about the Baha'is in Afghanistan is several years old:

    There are more than 400 Baha’is in Afghanistan, 300 of whom reside in Kabul. In 2007, the General Directorate of Fatwas and Accounts declared that the Baha’i Faith is distinct from Islam, and a blasphemy. Followers of the faith were declared infidels, and Muslims who convert to the Faith apostates.

    The ruling raised questions on how second-generation Baha’is would be treated, as was exemplified by the arrest on 9 April 2007 of a Baha’i citizen, after his religious beliefs were exposed to authorities by his wife. The man spent 31 days in prison, and was released after concerns were raised by the international community.

    An Afghani Religious commentater making reference to Iranian Baha'is:

    Afghan religious TV personality defends Iranian Baha'is basic human rights & speaks on minority rights from an Islamic perspective. A program of Mr. Mahmood Waseeq (Tafahoom/Bargasht) on Zarin TV.

    A You Tube sight has the following:

    Published in 2013


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