Your heaven is probably my hell


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Hi everyone I'm new!
I'd like to know if there are any people that might agree with me on this. I'm agnostic but I'd like to believe there is something out there but I'm unsure whether it's wishful thinking or paranormal, because there are very odd things that happen...

Anyways, some people's idea of the Christian heaven sounds terrible. In my opinion, I don't see it is heaven to worship God for all eternity. I don't agree with reincarnation, I dislike not remembering anything or who I am for that matter. Call me a romantic but I don't want 100 different past spouses lol. Heck, some atheists do not want an eternal heaven or to live repeatedly for eternity!

Why can't we just get our "personal" heavens that way everyone can be happy?

There's a reason why I suggest there might be our "own" heaven. Watch the documentary "The Day I Died" on YouTube. It's about near death experiences like Pamela Reynolds being able to recall a tool used on her at clinical death. A tool which she's never seen at all which baffled doctors. Many skeptics try to debunk this with their own theories but they are just theories. Fact is, NDE is still unexplainable by science...A scientist suggested a possible theory that these "information" or whatever scientific term you call it are held within the micro tubules of the brain which you can call your consciousness or soul if you will. Remember that our minds are very powerful and create what seems like our own reality to us. So if his theory is true, then we can "dream" or create our own heaven to live in with the ability to interact with other dreams or other consciousness. We could do whatever the heck we want.

If you're an atheist and you don't want that eternal living crap, then you can sleep forever in darkness and say wake up whenever you want to get that a rest.

Why not be able to have the ability to experience life through another person's eyes, creature, or alien? If I want to be an Avatar and remember my memories but explore their world why not? Haha

If you want to be a ghost and attach to earth, why the heck not?!

For me, all I care about is if heaven/after life is a place of awesomeness, adventure, exploring the universe, experiences, and wanting to get in touch with loved ones if I care to. IMPORTANTLY I just want to remember it all and not forget and my loved ones to remember me. I think likely time will feel it doesn't exist, earthly needs might not exist, etc.

P.S. I disagree when people say with science "energy is neither created or destroyed but transferred" for faith.


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For me, all I care about is if heaven/after life is a place of awesomeness, adventure, exploring the universe, experiences

In the movie The Fountain, the Maya priest says "Death is the road to awe" as he offers his neck to be beheaded. You might like that movie if you haven't seen it yet, it ties into some of your agnostic questioning of the afterlife...


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Eternal Soul:

Well it's interesting..

I think there's more than what most people think of such as a "Christain" heaven...Some will also talk about a "Muslim" heaven or whatever..

Heaven from what I understand isn't "Christian" or "Muslim"... but "nearness to God" and we can probably sense that nearness at times but maybe not so easily as at other times.

If our daily lives evidence some kind of spiritual life that could probably suggest a relationship to the Ineffable.

Some associate "heaven" with the after-life but it is I believe bound up with this one to a degree...