BBC Slights Un Orthodox!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Dream, Nov 26, 2012.

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    Slight to Unorthodox

    The BBC has not commented on whether it intended to purposely slight un orthodox persons by describing a cockroach eating contest in Deerfield, FL, in which a man died from choking, as 'Unorthodox'. The suggestion appears to be that the unorthodox are cockroach eaters. It is not yet clear which religion may have been slighted, whether Christian unorthodox, Jewish unorthodox or some other unorthodox group. Possibly it is the biggest insult since the word unorthodox came into general use. Also, it is insulting to roaches, the most orthodox creatures on earth.
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    Bloody BBC! I want my license fee back! I don't pay my taxes so the BBC can insult unorthodox religion ... and roaches ... maybe this new Director General will be retired on a full year's salary for less than one month's service over this.

    Heads must roll!!!

    (Then again, bearing in mind the roach will survive a nuclear catastrophe among other things, they might have the last laugh yet.)

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