Media Control in the USA

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    Just watched a really good edition of Bill Moyers show ( Preview: Bernie Sanders on Why Big Media Shouldn't Get Bigger |

    This is old ground. In 2007 Senator Sanders and the Junior Senator from Illinois (O'Bama), led a fight to not allow the six media giants that own the TV broadcast spectrum to control as many radio stations and newspapers as they want in whatever market they want.

    Now, President O'Bama's FCC chairman (one Mr Genachowski) is trying to "free the market up" in just the same way. Oh, but this time without public feedback or open meetings. The influence of Mercantilism raises its head once more.

    What do you think on the issue? I believe the Constitutional guarantee of freedom of the press, is meant (read Jefferson) to (1) ensure the government does not censor or pressure it and (2) make sure "we the people" get unbiased information. HINT: when Bush did this in 2007, and (1) over 15,000 people came to open FCC meetings and (2) over 2,000,000 wrote to the FCC, there were precisely 4 minutes of coverage in the media (Fox, NBC, CBS, ABC).

    If you are a citizen of the USA and wish to make your feelings know, follow this link:
    Stop Media Consolidation - Newsroom: Bernie Sanders - U.S. Senator for Vermont
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    In the USA its definitely a problem, but I think people turn increasingly to the internet for news. Television and newspapers are considered an overpriced luxury by many, like going to a movie. There are so many other things to do than watch TV.

    Also a cause of media conglomeration was the political fad started in the 80's where you could see people with bumper stickers saying "I don't believe the liberal media." Suddenly there was only one way to get viewers in many areas. I think that fad could disappear and take the problem with it. Such a political environment provided an opening for conglomeration of news sources carrying a fiscally conservative and puritan viewpoint, but liberal news sources have remained relatively diverse.

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