Sacrifium intellectus


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Revenge meLord, why do people love revenge? What is it that make us? What is it that lead us, manage us?
Why they dont understand GoD? Why is it so hard for them to 'love'? What is this thing that turns their lives into a burden, full of anger and hatred?
Explain Buddha, but not Sidharta, begging you please explain;

One who make tears down on my eyes,
My only love that makes me hold the pen and write these things,
Friend that makes me up with the cheerfull cries of the children

please put a meaning on me.

i am thinking great paladine, thinking very hard by the given abilities, trying to understand, 'see' your "reality", trying to put a meaning of your being(s necessity), all i could see is the signs (that you have provided (for me))..

Allah-u akbar, allah-u akbar
lailahe illallah
huallah-u akbar
allah-u akbar velilla al-hamd

Allahim, protect me, my loved ones, within them that you know they love you too... show them the truth, the true way and do not take your sparings onto them.

Now that they are the ones they know, they are the ones that do not trap themselves into religion, they do not like the other humans that defy your being with their prophets. They are the ones who know that you care about inside more then outside, and enjoy and trust.
Save them my best friend, as you are saving me,
warn them them
and make them see,
then smile
if needed to be shout, please ... enough ... SHOUT!

There will be some who may afraid, some who may try to find faults in your goodwill and be stabbed, what you shall do is there in your consciousness, you will simply see when you go deeper in thy...
There are really a lot of Yous on this way, once you passed them you will see what you really meant to be.. a raising snake maybe?

If my being is asked friends; he would smile when a fly grounds and thought thats a sign, i am hell of a crazy guy.

------ a bunch of passages from a book that is being written by me, i wonder what you guys think about them? ohh please dont hurt me ... a lot :) ive translated it, so some lost in translation.. but well you know.. there it goes
It sounds like philosophical poetry. Shades of Kahlil Gibran here. I like it too! Are you writing it in Turkish?
:eek: awww, why thank you,

as this was the first time they came out of the closet, i am really very happy that you like them ) at least two of you did ) and juantoo :eek:

as i feel free from strings and have more freedom to choose from different kinds of words im writing in turkish, yes indogenes, actually when i translate them somehow they look 'more' ... ermmm basic, but regardless that fact, they are part of a long written (320 pages till now) let me say hymn.

Not a clue.... as a twist of fate my sister has become an editor in a book publishing company like 8 months ago which really made me wonder... Are they really going to be published? My lil sis is gonna be its editor? They really designed to meet for audience?
Well who knows, i do trust in its being and following the correct path, and let the rest.. guided by HIM...

thank you again btw))

ramadan arrives, i dont fast but quite a number of people... so happy ramadan to all muslims ))