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I'm so pleased and excited that I found interfaith and this forum, I'm going to let you all know more about me and make one of those presentations later on.

I'm curiose of the Ananda Marga (AM) movement, manley because their philosophies applies so well with my own beliefs. I have read a lot on the internet aswell as some books f.i Garda Ghista - Beacon of hope for suffering humanity and is now reading Marsha Goluboff Low - The orange robe: My Eighteen Years as a Yogic Nun .

And thats were my hope for dialogue with you and questions raised.
Marsha Goluboff Low became a Margii very early in the movements history, and was a nun for 18 years so it's quite a long time ago she decided to leave AM, as far as I have come through in the book she seems to have a rather negative expirience from how they practiced out in the fields and even during her training.

I would like to know if anybody here more recently in time - know somebody who have had expirence from AM or is a part of the movement nowdays or if someone who has been a former member or just have a lot of insight in AM by anyother reason, may respond on my thoughts. My questions are how you then look upon AMs practices today and even better if you have read the book or having expiriences both former and present and can share your thoughts about the movement and possible changes over time?.

If you feel to vulnerable in anyway or by any reason to make a public statement in this thread, then pleas feel free and be welcome to contact me using PM instead.


(Ps. Pleas have lenience with my spelling and grammar, hope you can understand even if my writing is far from perfection :eek:. Ds)
Ananda Marga involves the so-called tantric practices and is a left-hand philosophy. This is not meant for house-holders in India. Ananda Marga has been accused to murders of its pupils and import of arms. So, after a spurt of popularity in East India in 1960s, Ananda Marga has passed into history as far as hindus are concerned.

I am surprised by the last sentence of your post. Why should anyone feel vulnerable in discussing a cult or a philosophy? That itself shows that you feel that it is not a good cult. There is a lot to learn from main-line hinduism, why look for dangerous cults?
Namaskar Aupmanyav

Thanks for your respons, I'll try to answer each of your questions by quotate em one by one.

Why should anyone feel vulnerable in discussing a cult or a philosophy?

As you wrote, and I already was aware of, there has been some accusations against AM considering both elegal business and crimes against members and nonmembers. And if that would be the case even nowdays that could be a reason for anyone to not stand out in a public forum and talk about the issues. To answer your question futher I want to refer to the book I mentioned in my first post, where Marsha Goluboff Low implies rumors that a few former member might have been threatened or even attacked. So if a former member still would be open to share he/shes story if this would be the case today, I wanted to offer a way to do so. Because I'd like to now if AM have undergone some changes when time past by since these accusations first took place.

There is a lot to learn from main-line hinduism, why look for dangerous cults?

Yes there is a lot to learn in hinduism and all other religions too and I have been studying a lot of diffrent thoughts and philosophys besides AM, I'm not looking for dangerous cults as you claim. Actually the opposit, and that I think my questions here shows. If I would look for dangerous movements to join I didn't have to ask any questions here instead I just would have been thrown myself improvident into one I for ceirten knew was harmful.

And to completley answer that, I would like to refer to my first post once again, I do belive that to creat a sustainable society - world for all its habitants (not just humans) the society needs to undergo a radical change concerning structure and in every other realm and entity of life. Todays structures will never lead to anything good for anyone. AM stands for a Spirituality and philosophy that coherent well with my own inner convictions.

Besides from what I have come to see and know so far AM is quite a living movement still in India, actually it's in India it seems to be most vivid.

Curious though, what is your defenition of "left-hand philosophy?

Hope there is some more forum viwers who wants to contribute and share some more information about AM which can tell me more about the present state.

First thing that most westerners do not understand eastern philosophies. You have examples of Savitri Devi and Madam Blavatsky. So, if I have to learn about hindu philosophy, I would pick up a book which is at least 500 years old (that means it has been tested by generations and still is meaningful). Same for Gurus. I generally pick up Gurus who are dead for hundreds of years and are still respected by hindus. I would not go for a newbie western guru to know about eastern philosophy. That rules out Marsha Goluboff Low. My gurus are Buddha, Sankara, Bertrand Russell, and Ramana Maharshi. And what can P. C. Sarkar or any other person can tell me more than what these gurus have said?

Why should I wait for a semi-criminal organization to reform itself so that I could know more about it? The world should be accepted as it is. Even Mhavira, Buddha, Jesus, failed to make a dent in its condition. What I fear is that cults like Ananda Marga should not make it any worse. That is my view, but you are certainly welcome to investigate more about this cult.
Namaskar Aupmanyav

First of all I want to clarify one thing, If you took me for looking oppon Marsha Goluboff Low as some kind of Guru you have got me awfully wrong. I am reading a book she wrote and she happens to be a former nun and member of Ananda Marga. But that's it.

I think you are a little bit small minded when you tar every westerner with the same brush, and I do belive that you miss many lessons to be learnt if you ignore such individs as Rumi, Poonja, Swami Vivekananda, Dalai Lama among many others. I do feel that they contribute with things aswell as Sri Ramana Maharshi, sankara, buddha etc does..

Ananda Marga was held responsible for a number of terrorist attacks in the 1970s. The vast majority of these attacks were against Indian diplomatic and business targets abroad, most often in Australia, where the group had large numbers of followers. Some attacks were also claimed in the name of opposing the Soviet Union, and Ananda Marga members were arrested with maps of the U.S. embassy in Thailand. Ananda Marga's involvement in the 1978 bombing outside the Hilton Hotel in Sydney, where Asian and Pacific leaders were holding a Commonwealth Conference, has been disputed.
Terrorist Organization Profile - START - National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism

197802070001 1978-02-07 Philippines Manila Ananda Marga 0 1 Government (Diplomatic)
197501190004 1975-01-02 India Samastipur Ananda Marga (suspected) 4 0 Government (General),Police
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I do not need to know anything from Rumi, Poonjaji, Vivekananda, Dalai Lama, or P.R. Sarkar. My gurus have directed me well. I have answers to all my questions. I can never visualize myself as a part of this type of set up.

Namaskar All,
Ananda Marga is NOT a terrorist organization. One only has to look at all the good it has and is doing throughout the world: Amurt, Amurtel, Women's Rights, Animal Rights... The Guru Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji was jailed for 7 years on trumped up charges by the Indira Ghandi regime. He was finally released, cleared of all charges. Anyone who speaks of Ananda Marga as a terrorist group has no sense. I have not read in depth about the Hilton Bombing, but that Ananda Marga had anything to do with it is hearsay. Those jailed were released. Ananda Marga teaches a powerful tantric sadhana and does much good in the world.

Unfortunately, since it's founder, Shrii Shrii Anandamurti left His body, there has been much chaos in Ananda Marga and corruption. This is not Shrii Shrii Anandamurtiji's fault. He is still guiding the organization, and after this clash, it will come back to order. Meanwhile, many margiis do great things and have MANY service projects. Ananda Marga is throughout the world. It has nothing to do with Hindu DOGMA.

Please do not speak against Ananda Marga when you have not all your facts straight. The book by Marsha Low is not an example of Ananda Marga. She is no longer a margii.

Ananda Marga is not a cult or a religion. It is an ideology.

There is many misrepresentations of Ananda Marga. Ananda Marga is a powerful path of tantra (not sex as westerners think) sadhana. It is for service to self and humanity. It is for liberation and oneness with GOD.

Please look at ALL Ananda Marga sites before you denounce Ananda Marga Pracaraka Samgha.

below His Lotus Feet,
The Masonic Society originally was not a terrorist nor illuminati organization. It was later infiltrated by malicious people as a front for their need for power, fame, and glory. This can and has happened to many organizations. Then people consider the organization Good or Bad, as if organizations have souls and mouths and can speak for themselves. They can't. Only the people within them can. If those people are bad, then it has no bearing on whether the organization is bad, those people are bad. The expressed goals and intentions of Ananda Marga are impeccable. In fact, nobody, not even those who try to tar and feather Ananda Marga or Anandamurti, can find anything bad to say about the philosophy or ideology of Ananda Marga. Nothing. Ananda Marga much like many other spiritual organizations, underwent schisms and power struggles upon the passing of the Founder. This is natural and even expected given human nature. It is part of the ongoing struggle of moralists to check and contain the Injury that such people perpetrate in the name of Ananda Marga. Thy Will Be Done. Thou must not forget all the wonderful things that many Ananda Margiis, Buddhists, Christians, Democrats, Anarchists, and Atheists do in the world to bring about Peace love and understanding. Namaskar!