First ever direct observational image of hydrogen atom's orbital structure

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    With a quantum microscope. :) They found a way around the disruptive observational effect in quantum functions.


    An orbital structure is the space in an atom that’s occupied by an electron. But when describing these super-microscopic properties of matter, scientists have had to rely on wave functions — a mathematical way of describing the fuzzy quantum states of particles, namely how they behave in both space and time. Typically, quantum physicists use formulas like the Schrödinger equation to describe these states, often coming up with complex numbers and fancy graphs.
    Up until this point, scientists have never been able to actually observe the wave function. Trying to catch a glimpse of an atom’s exact position or the momentum of its lone electron has been like trying to catch a swarm of flies with one hand; direct observations have this nasty way of disrupting quantum coherence. What’s been required to capture a full quantum state is a tool that can statistically average many measurements over time.
    But how to magnify the microscopic states of a quantum particle? The answer, according to a team of international researchers, is the quantum microscope — a device that uses photoionization microscopy to visualize atomic structures directly.

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    Nice pic of the father (or mother) of all matter.
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    I would say this is more of a sonogram of the only begotten which is continually begotten...
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    Its nice to have an additional confirmation of the theories. The Physics of it still doesn't make sense, but at least we know that the mathematical models have merit.

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