Teacher fired because of abusive ex-husband

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    EL CAJON, Calif. - A local teacher fired from a Catholic school because of the danger her abusive, ex-husband posed to the campus is taking her story to the national stage Friday on Good Morning America.
    Carie Charlesworth, who taught at Holy Trinity School in El Cajon, spoke with 10News about her firing and how her family is paying the price for being victims of domestic abuse.
    Charlesworth said the principal knew about her situation at home and that her husband abused her. Even now, Charlesworth said she fears him.
    "I left," said Charlesworth. "I filed restraining orders. I pressed charges. I testified against him and that's what they tell you to do."
    Charlesworth said she thought she took proper actions in January, when she alerted the school that her ex-husband had threatened her. So when a maintenance worker spotted her ex-husband driving around campus, the school went on lockdown.
    "Even that day, when everything happened and I was told I was only going to be out of the week, I thought, I'm going to be back," she said.
    But after the incident, she received a letter from the school stating why it made the decision to let her go. It stated that for the safety of students, the school could not allow her to continue teaching.
    Her ex-husband, Martin, has a 20-plus year history of violence, abuse and harassment.
    Charlesworth and her kids, who all attended Holy Trinity, have not been back to the school. Parents who spoke with 10News off-camera said they agreed with the school's decision to let Charlesworth go and some said they threatened to pull their children.
    "But there comes a point where you have to do what's right," said Charlesworth. "I think this is a prime example of why victims of domestic violence do not come forward with their situation.
    Charlesworth said that while it is her husband who is currently jail, she is the one feeling trapped.
    "How am I going to get a job?" she said. "What do I say when they ask, why did you leave your last job? Because my school thought that I was a security threat? Who's going to put me in front of a classroom?"

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