What is Time ?

Bandit said:
...I often wondered that time would have a whole different dimension in another galaxie. I mean we know it as days & hours & seasons here, but somewhere else may be totally different.

I think there will be no such thing as time, seasons & days, one day in eternity cannot be measured...where twiglight never glistens.
Hence the thought that time is relative. For time to exist at all, it must be observed in some fashion.

To us Terrans for example: A year (one orbit of Earth around the Sun), is 365 and 1/4 days. And one day is roughly 23 1/2 hours.

Living on Mars, a year would be equal to 687 Terran days, and a day would equal to 24 2/3rds Terran hours.

But to a Martian observing Earth, well he would think that Earth's days are too short, and Earth's year is way too fast...;)

However, if I lived on Mars, that would make me...about 28 Martian years old instead of 44 Terran years old. I can see some advantages to observing time from another perspective...:D
I believe time is based on space speed and light for one rotation of the earth equals one earth day , and one rotation of the sun equals one suns day, but it takes 365 days for the earth to reach one rotation day of the sun, for one year of the sun equals 365 years for the earth, I believe in the highets heaven which surrounds all the universe, just for a figure of speech one rotation of the external heaven equals a billion years for the sun and equals 365 billion years for the earth. that just using one billion to one ratio for example.
I believe all light travels at the same speed does'nt matter of the mass, but the force is creater as the mass is larger.
The smaller the cycle of space mass the quicker the time, and the larger space mass the slower the cycle and time.
Light is ever growing and lasting
The meaning of light is everlasting, and the meaning of life is to exceed light within the space of Gods mind.
The reason why light always grows is through the intention of vacuum of mind
Every time you have a intention of thought you create eternal light within your space of mind which is power, as God created us through his intention of space of mind which is all power, light is ever growing through his fruitage of his creation through his Christ our lord Jesus amen,