Who wrote this Intro to the Pauline conspiracy?


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I had the impression that Brian had written this but perhaps I am wrong. This appears on the first page of Victor's article:

"In all honesty I can say that I have searched for rebukes against the criticisms against Saul of Tarsus, all of which Victor has developed, and more - but never have I found anything that even begins to present itself as a coherent defence. Ultimately the acceptance of Saul of Tarsus remains a matter of faith. However, should anyone take it upon themselves to ever write-up a proper defence, addressing all objections in detail, then I would be very happy to post it up here in the general articles section of comparative-religion.com, to serve as a balanced argument."

I would like to have a public discussion of this article, but there are so many different areeas to explore it would require a mechanism by which to organize the many threads of this vast and weighty topic.

As long as this article is prominently listed among this web site's articles, it should be a legitimate topic for discussion.

Hallelu YAH !!

I wrote the intro - still waiting for a detailed rebuttal. :)

As the thesis is very long, though, and not necessarily of a welcoming nature, I'm not surprised therefore that it is often overlooked. :)