Fifteen Baha'is to face trial...


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Accused of teaching the Faith in 2010 fifteen Baha'is were imprisoned and paid bail to be released from prison now facing trial in 2014. It would be assumed then that had they not paid bail they would have served the past four years in jail...

From the article:

Trial of 15 Bahai’s charged with propaganda against the regime in Shiraz

by editor · April 9, 2014


[ILNA (Iranian Labour News Agency)]

The lawyer for the 15 Baha’is said that the trial of her clients charged with propaganda against the regime will take place in the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz. Giti Pourfazel announced this news and said that the 15 Baha’is had been arrested in Shiraz in 2010 and charged with propaganda against the regime because they were teaching their religion, and that they had later been released on bail. The lawyer continued: April 28th is designated for the presentation of their case at the Revolutionary Court in Shiraz; I hope with the defense that I have prepared my clients will be acquitted of the charge .

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Translation by Iran Press Watch

Source: Ù…Øاکمه 15 بهایی به اتهام تبلیغ علیه نظام در شیراز

Trial of 15 Bahai
The trial took place on schedule; the sentences are not yet announced
Shiraz has a central place in the eyes of many of us this season.

It's the city where the Bab declared His mission on May 22nd - 23rd 1844 in a house that was a site of pilgrimage for Baha'is until 1979 when it was destroyed.

It was the city where Mona Mahmudnizhad along with nine other women were hanged for her beliefs in 1983... three months earlier Mona's own father had been executed. She was buried in the Baha'i cemetery in Shiraz which is now slated to be destroyed and desecrated.

And it is in that city where we are now awaiting the convictions of the fifteen Baha'is.