Cincinnati Archdiocese teachers' contract forbids co-habitation, etc.

Discussion in 'Politics and Society' started by Nick the Pilot, May 31, 2014.

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    'Thou shalt not': Catholic teachers challenge morality clause -

    "If you want to teach at a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, regardless of your religion, you must be willing to sign a detailed morality clause that critics say focuses on "pelvic issues."

    "The revised contracts forbid teachers from -- among other things -- living together or having sex outside of marriage, using in-vitro fertilization, a gay "lifestyle," or publicly supporting any of those things.

    "The system's 2,200 current teachers must sign the agreement to stay on the job.

    "It is an embarrassment and a scandal, and will drive even more Catholics away from an institution so out of touch with its times," said Robert Hague, a high school English teacher for 50 years.

    "He's leaving his job rather than sign because he's opposed to "the language, the intent, and the tone of this contract," he says.

    "The revised morality clause goes beyond more general standard language requiring teachers -- Catholic or not -- to adhere to Catholic doctrine."

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    Criticizing a Catholic organization's conservative views is a little like criticizing the grass for being green. It is what it is.

    There is no love lost between me and the Catholic Church. I don't care for many of their policies. I don't agree with most of their doctrine nor the way that doctrine is presented. I have a simple solution to that however. I chose not to be Catholic. I don't attend Catholic mass. I don't send my kids to Catholic schools and I don't seek employment in Catholic funded organizations. There, problem solved.

    Why try to change a long standing institution with known beliefs. There are alternatives.

    I mean, you may enjoy open air motoring, but it's just not practical to cut the top off of your 4 door sedan. Go buy a convertible. :)
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    Catholic schools are a private entity. They are free to set the standard for their employees. A friend of mine works for K-Love, a Christian radio network. He says an employee can be fired for having an affair.

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