Dear Brian

Angel White

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I think you have done a most wonderful job with your website so far. May your work continue to grow and flourish.

Angel White
Dear Brian...
I am totally've become a classy, skillful designer and have done a great job on this site.
Sorry I haven't been in touch but lifehas been mind blowingly busy.

As usual..I tired and putting major typos on this page..but in a few weeks will know if I have some money for server space etc. and will be in touch.

This software is just great..would be brill for Dome 2.

I wish you all the best here and I will ask QH to put a squib about the new site on our front cover.

The success you seek will surely must for anyone as gifted, hardworking and street smart as you.
Much love and good wishes
Hi Brian, I wasn't sure where to post this, and its not really very important, but I thought you might like to know that one of your links is wrong. On page where you have a link to the forum at the bottom of the page (PS - Don't forget to visit the Forum!), the link is to page and not to as it should be. Sorry I am not nitpicking, I just thought that you might like to know. Other than that congratulations on a great site so far. The forum is really starting to take off, hopefully it will just keep on growing and growing. Oh and just out of interest, will foundationism play any part in chronicles, though I don't really see how it would. I dont know, perhaps its already made an appearance. All the best with the new site anyways. ;)
No - sincere thanks for that. It's the sort of silly error that can put people off a new site.

As for Foundationism and Chronicles - both are intricately linked. The Philosophy of the Chronicles series is Foundationist - unfortunately, I haven't yet been able to summarise what that Foundationist is in any successful manner. I'm looking to write a few short articles over the next few weeks which should help clarify the matter, and a summary should be most helpful on this site.
This is a nifty forum! I look forward to watching it grow!
Good job
-fellow SDMBoardie.
Thanks for that - so do I!

And welcome to :)

This place will indeeed grow. :)
Kindest Regards I, Brian,

And thanks for the wonderful site. I've only been cruising thru here for about a week, and I still haven't looked at everything. Everything I have seen has been thought provoking and in great taste. My regards and compliments to all of the wonderful contributors as well.

Everyone here has made me feel most welcome. I look forward to learning, and perhaps contributing a thought or two.

At the risk of swelling your noggin, keep up the good work!
No swelling here - just glad it's a relaxing place to discuss what could otherwise be disruptive issues. :)
Me too.

Dear Brian:

Thank you for this website which you are using your money for to keep going. And expending your time and trouble.

Thank you for your ecumenical welcome to any and all views, religous and even not intimately religious.

Thank you for your open attitude to the way some of us, maybe only myself -- but please not to be annoyed by this pseudo self-plug -- post my messages.

Amen Amen Amen.

Susma Rio Sep