My town stinks!


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Yorkshire, UK
No, literally! :(

There's a tannery not too far away (think: a few hundred yards).

This tannery is in a small industrial estate, which includes a factory that gives out what appears to be hydrogen sulphide as a by-product.

Drive by and it stinks...

But the issue is, whenever there's a temperature inversion - ie, cold on the ground but warm air above - the smells just sperad out over a wide residential area. The pong is quite intense.

Early on a hot day this often means you can't open windows or go into the garden without being assailed by the incredible smell.

I finally rang the local environmental health department this morning, and asked fro a response in writing. Time to act. :)
Good idea to give them a ring Brian. It can't be pleasant, not even being able to open windows on a hot day. Having to be in an unpleasant smell constantly is awful. I remember when I worked in a food machinary manufacturers, we built a machine for coating dog biscuits. There was extensive testing of the machine in the factory, and the smell was horrendous. It became incredibly difficult to concentrate on what you were doing -- something essential in close tolerance machining. :(

Hope you get some help from the environmental health people.
Move town; start a petition; contact Richard and Judy. One of those'll solve it for ya.

LOL! Not yet - but as soon as I can!

On another note, around the corner from me there's a storm drain that missing a cover and a streetlamp that has all of its wires hanging out. Obviously there are two potential health and safety issues there.

The open drain - that's no problem - it'll be addressed (no doubt int their own time).

The streetlight was another issue entirely. Apparently they could only send people to actual streetlamp numbers rather than geographic areas. So you're not allowed to state that you've passed a streetlight that is faulty on so-and-so road - you actually have to report that streetlight no. XXX is faulty. Other wise no one will be sent to repair it!

Well, I figure we managed to guess what the streetlight number may or may not be, so hopefully that will be adderssed soon. I can only hope that the actual wires hanging out are not live. :eek:

The joys of local government. :(
Well, the council van came around quickly - and left a piece of wood and two traffic cones on top! LOL!

See how long it lasts before the kids get that moved!

I would laugh, but there is residential housing for the elderly literally around the corner. The open drain is on the route to the main shops. Which means that there's a serious accident waiting to happen.