Six Stages of World Transformation - "The Extraordinary Moment"

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    The inspiration for this post originates on several layers, or levels. This is a statement of fact, and of multiple entendre. I will provide the context within which an idea originated and came to me, and as part of the post I will hope to emphasize the evolution of this idea and some of its accompanying inspiration.

    A few weeks ago, probably because I was revisiting eyewitness testimonies and reports regarding the idea of subterranean bases [see D.U.M.B.s and the story of Phil Schneider] ... I perused a few esoteric sources for information on Agartha. This term has been around for awhile, but if you read the very brief information available online at Wikipedia, you'll see that most of what's being said falls under the category of `In Modern Media.' All that is provided under Mythology and History are a few short statements, and these connect directly with The Letters of Helena Roerich, which I consulted for an esoteric commentary on this term [`Agartha' or Agartta].

    In short, Wikipedia's description of Agartha is:
    ... a legendary city that is said to reside in the earth's core.[2] It is related to the belief in a hollow earth and is a popular subject in esotericism.[3]
    My interest was also in connection with the Kingdom of Shambhala, as this is a much more widely-discussed subject among esotericists and Tibetan Buddhists alike. Even in the West it is now fairly commonplace to hear about Kalachakra (the Wheel of Time), spoken of in connection with Shambhala, or Shamballa, and anyone who remembers the Three Dog Night song from the early 70s will recall the lyrics:
    Everyone is helpful, everyone is kind
    On the road to Shambala
    Everyone is lucky, everyone is so kind
    On the road to Shambala [...]

    How does your light shine, in the halls of Shambala?​
    What I will do now is share the answer to the question I had a few weeks ago, which was simply, "Does Helena Roerich write anything about Agartha in her books, possibly sharing the Teaching on this subject as it may have come to her from Master Morya, her own Guru?"

    I was a little surprised by what I found. This excerpt is from a letter dated 5 September 1935:
    "St. Yves d'Alveidre was a psychic and a medium; and toward the end of his life, he fell under the sway of his astral instructors to such an extent that his books are perhaps even more erroneous than the books of some other authors of occult novels. Of course, his Agarta and the Supreme Pontiff are his peculiar refraction of the great Shambhala and its Lord. It is amusing to see how he mixed existing exoteric legends with the astral accumulations and instructions received by him from astral impersonators. He is a victim of irresponsible astral instructors. Thus, the name Vatan, given for a secret language sounds strange to an Orientalist. According to him, he got this word from some initiated Brahmin, but in Arabic, Urdu, and Persian, vatan means motherland. Apparently, St. Yves d'Alveidre misunderstand the man with whom he was talking, and who was simply trying to tell him about his mother tongue.

    I have read his biography, and it is obvious that he was not a bad person, but that his mediumistic nature and his interest in spiritualism enfeebled his weak organism, resulting in mental imbalance."

    Much ... quite a bit, could be said about this last statement alone, as none of the Theosophical or Theosophically-influenced authors advocate what some refer to as Spiritualism (often, but not always being a synonym for astralism, or what one Teacher calls `glamour'). Even the Mahatma who largely inspired the Spiritualistic Movement, the Chohan Hilarion [St. Paul and Iamblichus in former incarnations], one of whose protégés some have recognized in John Edward (the television psychic of `Crossing Over' notoriety), has much to say advising against the forms of spiritualism which we have come to know from the séance room, including table-turning, spirit raps, use of the Ouija board, etc.

    The primary concern (voiced by the Mahatmas) is focused on contacting those who - under many circumstances - are not at all benefitted by this contact, and sometimes are greatly burdened, by being called out of subtler ethers to appear before the sitters ... who, many times, also do not gain from the experience what they might. The confirmation to many of an existence in the astral and subtler planes is too often traded for materialistic, selfish and trivial concerns, rather than advancing human knowledge as a whole, or even putting to rest our fears regarding that greatest of all Portals into the Unknown, Death.

    All of this notwithstanding, there are dozens of legitimate `mediums' who are involved in esoteric work today, including a few true, high-grade psychics, and it is certainly the case that accurate communications *have* been received ... from the mid-19th Century, when the Spiritualistic Movement was first inspired, through to the present day. This is something I have posted about often, here, during the past ten years, listing perhaps a dozen or more authors whose word - and whose Teachings - form part of a true core of New Era Instruction for Disciples and Aspirants seeking to tread the Path of Initiation. Thus, elsewhere I speak of Alice Bailey, Lucille Cedercrans, or Geoffrey Hodson ... and the purpose of this post is not to address Spiritualism, or the topic of Agartha per se, or what it means to be sensitive to telepathic impressions, etc.

    Rather, all of what I am sharing - I hope - will form a contextual segue for what I will put up in a second post, being the remainder of an excerpt from the above-quoted letter of Helena Roerich, from Sept. 1935 ....
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    Please keep in mind the date of this letter, Sept. of 1935, as the "Six Stages of World Transformation" mentioned below (and as the thread title) are clearly already well-underway, in 2014. Part of our task, should we choose to accept, is to consider just where we may be along the path of progress from stage to stage, and how close we are to reaching "The Extraordinary Moment" ... which I interpret as fitting somewhere in the range of stages five, and six, beginning at the close of stage four.

    Decide for yourself, and please weigh in!
    "To show you to what extent the lofty concept of the Stronghold of the Great Brotherhood in its various aspects penetrates and lives in the consciousness of different nations, I will cite for you certain information about a presently existing society in the Far East. This society has many members and, as I understand, accepts even foreigners into its midst. It has its sacred army, which has nothing in common with a military organization. However, it adheres strictly to the established hierarchic principles.

    The main meeting place of this society, which is called "The Extraordinary Moment," is on one of the local "holy mountains." Now, this sacred army is preparing for an "Extraordinary Moment," which is understood in the broadest and, what is most important, in the spiritual sense. Thus, according to their teaching, the world is now facing a crisis, after which its spiritual regeneration, or rather new birth, may be expected. Thus, all sorts of conferences, conflicts, all sorts of attractions and repulsions are greatly on the increase.

    Humanity is suffering the pains of childbirth, but "the time will come when the gates of Heaven will open, and the earthly world will return to the heavenly world." Six stages, six steps lead to this moment:

    1. The first period of the Omens - the end of the Great War

    2. The second period of the Omens - political and economic failures due to international psychology

    3. The first period of cataclysms (short) - unprecedented upheavals in the whole world

    4. The second period of cataclysms (short) - the appearance of Heavenly Forces in the arena.

    5. The first period of constructiveness - the enlightened reign of the Heavenly Emperor in the world, governmental order marked by monism of the religious cult and of the affairs of state. This will be a hegemony of Light over the world, dispensed by the Heavenly Emperor through the establishment of inviolable institutions of power, which by that time will be in effect. This enlightened reign will be expressed by a special term...

    6. The second period of constructiveness - the coming of divinely inspired rulers, representatives of science, technology, etc. At present, according to the members of this society, the world is in the second of the stages mentioned above.

    The prophets of this movement speak of the new world as the kingdom of Spirit, through direct communion of men with gods. This, they say, will be an earthly life without disease and hardships; life illumined by the light of Truth, Goodness, Beauty, Joy, and Love; life directed by the Heavenly Emperor on the principle of justice. In all this, the most remarkable thing is that this Great Plan was, they say, conceived many thousands of years ago and the Central world Encampment of the Great Gods upon the Sacred Mountain, where gods gather together, and its earthly projection is the mountain of this holy vicinity. So you can see how a great thought is refracted by all nations, and inevitably each one of them attributes the main role to its own people and country."

    Although it was several weeks ago that I first saw these passages, I must confess, I haven't revisited the specific excerpt on these "Six Stages" - until the time of this post ... so my first action is simply to share what I have come across. I do have some initial impressions, or responses of the moment, which I will later provide as commentary - but my next step is to Ponder upon HR's words, and see what other connections might be made.

    The least of what seems obvious to me is that we are probably somewhere between stages two and four, although clearly, "the appearance of Heavenly Forces in the arena" - at the close of stage four - has yet to have become the sort of objectified occurrence as will be necessary in order to reach stage five. Most likely, we are between stages two and three, or at best, moving into stage four.

    Just some of my early impressions ...

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