Meaning of Duality in Meditation

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In Buddhism, Buddhist monks always try to avoid the duality. Duality means body and mind act as two different entities. The main way to avoid the problems of duality, Buddhist monks practice meditation and by practicing meditation, body and mind become a single entity. The state of becoming mind and body a single entity helps to create the path to enlightenment.
In this definition of duality, body and mind as one... does not the war monger have body and mind as one? The dictator? The thief?

From the link In this definition of duality, body and mind as one... does not the war monger have body and mind as one? The dictator? The thief?
It is just the choice of words which may give a completely different meaning. What the writer has tried to say is about the self and the external.
Then again self may be interpreted in many ways, that's why it is important to have a master to lead the path.
No, it didn't mean that.
What it is trying to say is that meditation that are practiced by Buddhist monks can clearly act with body and mind as a single thing.
The dictator and thief, no those who don't understand full meaning of duality cannot control both their body and mind. let's take an example like they cannot control their lust, greed but they are more dependent on their body,
So I would definitely said that War Monger, dictator or others you want to mention, have mind and body as one
Control over body and soul is different than body and soul working as one...

You may control your body and soul working as one, or not....but your body and soul working as one, is not an indication that you are in control eh?
Oh I think I may have confused you on this with the word control.
i think I should add control on my articles too.
thank you Wil.
I read that it is thought originally that meditation was one of the last lessons taught to Buddhists, and compassion and discipline were taught first. So I read that later on mediation was taught simultaneously. I'm sorry I can't say for sure where I read this. I liked it, so I remembered it.
A good way to settle the distinctions I think concerning duality is using the experience by which you sit in meditation.

When sitting lotus on the zafu, the distinction concerning legs for walking for instance is not applicable, as the distinction of the left and right leg now switched opposite forming a stable base by which you sit on the cushion. There is the impulse in separating the aspectual.

Wholeness is non-seperation by which distinctions arise from. It gets confusing at times because we tend to view distinction as separate in itself. Like body and mind rather than bodymind. :)