History Repeats Iself #2

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    History Repeats Iself #2

    In Numbers 16 we have the famous insurrection headed by the Levites Korah, Datan and Abiran. All three were from the Tribe of Levi. They couldn't take anymore that Moses and Aaron would handle the Pristhood of Israel in spite of all the other Levites. You know how it goes; the whole story is reported in the book of Numbers chapter 16. The main point is that they claimed that the whole congregation of the Lord was as holy as Moses and Aaron were set to be. The insurrection ended up with the death of all three plus 250 men of the People related to them.

    Now, if we read Hebrews 7:12, a Jew from the Tribe of Benjamin put up a claim that the Levite Priesthood had come to an end. He claimed that a change had occurred and that Jesus had replaced the Levite Priesthood with that of his. And, exactly as in all revolution, the head rebel amends the Laws, Paul annunced that the Law had to be changed also. It is all in the same verse. He took over the Priesthood in the name of Jesus without even being a Levite, him or Jesus for that matter. And, by necessiity, as he implied, a change of the Law would go without saying.

    Back there as Moses and Aaron stood up strong enough against Korah, Dathan and Abiran and the sedition went down the drain with them. Fearing that his could have the same end, Paul was arrested but, before he could be killed, he took advantage of his being a Roman citizen, appealed to Caesar, was sent to Rome and escaped the fate of a revolutionary. (Acts 21:28; 25:11; 27:1) Paul died in exiled in Rome and never returned to the Land of Israel again.

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