Who Judge Karma, and rebirth?


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Actually I read this one post in one of the Forum.
After reading this post, I am more curious about the way Karma works.
How do you think how karma works, who judge bad karma or good karma, and who declare judgement about rebirth, who get reborn in which realms.
We have seen one monstrous figure holding the Bhavachakra, known as Yama. IMO, this monstrous figure Yama

You have asked several questions. I think we should take your ideas one at a time.

I do not agree with the idea that, after death, we humans are reborn into different realms. I believe we are reborn as humans, but we all come back to this same Earth, with some people working off less bad karma in the next life, and other people working off more bad karma in the next life.

What do you think?
There is no judge. It seems to me that you're taking something from another faith and putting into the dharmic ones, most likely based on your own beliefs. Does someone judge the sun each day it comes up to start a new day?

Karma just is. It's like weather. Some days it rains, some days there are tornadoes, some days earthquakes.

I agree with Nick on how rebirth works. These souls inhabit human bodies, one after the other, until all karmas are resolved. We need this Earth, and this type of physical body, mind, etc., to do that. Yes, we spend a certain amount of time between births, just 'hanging about on the astral'.
Hello nick,
actually I agree with your idea, I think the same too. I think the six realms are the basic interpretation of human life. I jst don't get the idea of position of Yama in wheel of life.
What do you think?
Hi Gus,

You have asked who judges us. We are judged by our Higher Self. Have you heard of the idea of our Higher Self?
Karma is just cause and effect. Maybe a little chaos theory thrown in for seasoning.

Yes to me it is like the contemplation ... We are punished by our sins...not for them...

You push the oendelun away it will return and hit ha...