The Uninformed vs The Misinformed

Discussion in 'Politics and Society' started by Devils' Advocate, Jan 11, 2016.

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    This is an interesting article that studies the difference between the two, and which is the worst; also going a long way to explaining the Trump phenomena.

    It seems to me this political situation aligns in interesting ways with the thread I started in Belief & Spirituality entitled "Most American Christians fail a very simple quiz on Religion". Even though nobody apparently thinks that thread is worth talking about. Which is unfortunate.
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    A when we set up our tent with that test at the city fair..many an avid relioguinist said....these questions are stupid...this test is rigged and walked out without finishing f or getting graded... We didn't post everyone grades...but did overtly adjust the record up or down as the average changed...

    B... With both....nobody likes to admit to either
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    much of the difference lies in this American culture of Elitism. There just aren't that many people left willing to say "I don't know". So when asked a question and something is spat out, the "uninformed" become "misinformed" based on the fact they are unwilling to criticize it. Given a bit of time or others false information to collaborate the original, The newly "misinformed" begins to openly discuss their "knowledge" and so the cycle continues. But here is the scary part. When criticized, the individual is completely unwilling to admit error (we, Americans, are largely elitists). After a non-mind-altering debate both sides usually go to their sources of more information (Internet, news, etc) and pick arguments that further their POV, and disregard anything else as an opponent's agenda. They then perpetuate more biased, usually incorrect information.

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