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    Hello, Im and Im not a Christian, Hebrew or Muslim.
    My religion, named Paterism unified a ideas and teaching of Abrahams faiths.

    My god is loving me and you all at any moment, and its does not matter how you fell, what you doing or what you made. As the Father than loves own child, the gods forgive, and he gives to us a higher gift what ever he can give, the freedom of making, thinking and create... Freedom of mind.

    Its not a fall, there is not a heresy, there is not a one, only one right way of belive, of faith. Are you Budhist? Right way, you make your mind free, and its it, what does matter... :)
    God give us a speech, they send there a teachers of life, teachers of faith, and I belive that Jessus has same value as a Mani, Mohamed, Abraham, Budha, and others. My faith heavilly stay on the pillars of Gnosticism, Unitarism, Manichejism and other small, mostly unknown believs in my homeland. And too I belive in truth and teach of master Jan Hus, my countryman...

    At this moment I was confronted by God, and when you will follow a easy way of believe, thinking, truth and spiritual grow of your mind, you can be confronted too, its not licenced for holly men.

    At this moment I wrote a book for my God, book of truth, because all of 3 Abrahams teachings and their books are sick, from 900 Gospel and holly texts where bring only some to Bible, not too good i think, and Gospels was changed, First gospel of Bible was turn to second (Mark), Church changed at the time many speech from the Bible, and Jessus teaching was destroyed in my eyes. Where is the love and truth when Jessus teach? Where is the peace in the Christian world of war?

    The Hebrew was turned by the teach of Moses, But it was his teachings, not the teachings of God.

    I readed a translation of "Bible predecessor" from Armenian and Aramej resources, and there was not a Ten Commandments as we know it! Not a world about "Not kill" or "not commit adultery", but the other, more spiritual and gnostic teachings, there is not a commandments, only God's advice, you can listen it, and you do not need to listen it.

    If you recall the Bible, and at one point writes in sheets Paul of Tarsus that we obey the Law of Moses but that we listen covenant of Abraham ... And it is absolutely true that the whole Church neglected. Abraham loved his son, and although today's Bible says otherwise, he could not relate to his hand, was an angel who held him but his conscience! And it's the law, Jesus said in several sources I've read, "If there was a law of God, so it sounded Love thy neighbor"

    My journey of faith is a self-development, self-knowledge, and the development of spiritual qualities and cleansing from the bad influences (uncontrolled emotions, illness, uncontrolled lust, glut materialism and like this) myself here experienced improved life, I'm happier, my life has improved, after long time have good prospects despite the bad social conditions. When you work on your-self, you will see that you will find it easier to understand other people, even in crisis situations will be much easier to not being angry at moments when you would sooner roaring or silently raged inside. Moments when you deeply touched by the mere sight into a tree sunlit and swaying in the wind for you to be memorable for lifetime, feel a connection with others and God, can feel his touch, to be irradiated with light and cleansed of wickedness, the logical reality of everyday life you have according to the researchers not experienced nothing, feeling nothing, and did not see anything, but you will have an experience of a lifetime ...

    But this is not just a spiritual journey as in Buddhism and Esoteric. My path is always in harmony with faith, so their development can just shore up faith, prayer, penance or another.

    Not , you will not need a lifetime, to me it only took about three months before I'm fully reflected in life, for others it takes longer, maybe a year, but you do not have to sacrifice their lives in the temple, and you will be able even with diet, work and recreation are in harmony.

    You will feel the change immediately, you start to think otherwise, look at the world differently.

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