Trump Wouldn't Even Let Jesus into the Country Cause He is From the Middle East!

Discussion in 'Politics and Society' started by Devils' Advocate, Nov 7, 2016.

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    Okay I know a lot of you are not fans of Bill Maher. And this video, like all his comedy is not very 'family friendly' (he drops the F bomb a lot). Still this tirade about the American Evangelicals who support Trump, some 75% of them, and their complete unconcern about their Holy Religious Beliefs that they say that are SO important to them, shows them for the hypocrites they have always been.

    Maher makes some very, very good points about being Evangelical in America and I believe this aspect of the election is worth discussing. I'm not trying to start a war against Evangelicals here. Really I'm not. But there is a massive disconnect between what they say they matters in their lives and who they are supporting.

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    I'm not going to watch the thing, I don't think I'll get much out of it. But I noticed how very specific you are "about being Evangelical in America", I don't think it has always been like that on these boards and as someone who REALLY appreciate specificity: Thank you!
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    Evangelical partisan politics....

    There are many that are one issue voters...

    Anti abortion for some...

    Anti gay marriage for others...

    Trump picked Pence to satisfy the vote speak of.... I think even the GOP is planning to get pence in and him out should.he get in.

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