The Creation of Evil

Discussion in 'Abrahamic Religions' started by Justin Swanton, Dec 5, 2016.

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    Dang Thomas... That gets about 78.4% on the omg Thomas/wil agree scale!

    Usually that only happens with .... usually doesn't happen.
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    :eek: Where did I go wrong! :D

    Happy Christmas, dude!
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    Not necessarily. Isaiah said that the lions in the future won't bite. Presumably every animal may feed on plants. Humans ate plants/vegetables. They started to eat meat after being driven out of Eden and left alone in a world which God no longer maintains. It's the lack of maintenance that thing changed. Humans and other animals changed their habits due to the lack of food available in some extreme period of time. They started to interbreed under extreme circumstance due to the drop of populations. Scientists show that even human genome contains genetic information from Neanderthals. Animals and humans alike interbred to screw up their genes.

    In the book of Revelation, it shows that angels have the ability to introduce germs and bacteria and so on. The Bible also says that those capable angels sometimes will choose to turn there back to God, and to do something they are capable of but without the permission from God. Perhaps they tried to be gods by introducing the different new species to earth without God's permission just to show off how capable they are. God no longer maintains the earth anyway.

    With the environmental extremes go on and off along time, with the earthly inhabitants changed their habits in order to be adaptive, with interbreeding between close species, with intervention of fallen angels, everything becomes possible.

    I am not saying that those mentioned above are facts, I am trying to open you to possibilities.

    God's only job on earth is to bring the souls of Adam's offspring back to His realm. He will do this openly with the covenants as the standard.

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