4 types of anger

I run on the theory, nobody can make you mad....it is a choice.
Have you looked at the philosophy of the passions?

In philosophy passions are drivers which the person must restrain, channel, develop and/or sublimate in order to acquire wisdom.

It's generally considered that the passions are vices, and their contrary are the virtues. It is by the practice of virtue that one overcomes the innate powers latent in the passions, or rather latent in the self that surface in passionate display.

In most philosophies the first step is to temper the self against the passions, then the transformation of self to the point where they no longer arise, and the latter path is, of course, far harder and requires a degree of self-discipline that few have the taste for.

The lyre is in this context the symbol of the person and the passions — it's there in Egyptian iconography and notably in the Greek. The whole is the body, the strings are the passions and the musician the soul. The skill of the musician then determines whether it's music or just noise.

Today I suppose we have the ambient music of the spheres on the one hand, thrash metal on the other :cool: It would be great to spot Plato having a night off, jägerbomb in hand, head-banging in some basement dive that reeks of herb ...
No one can make you angry. This is always true in all respects. No one can make you do anything or feel any way. The one-pointedness of the mind is what makes the decision to bend towards sense perceptions and impulses.