Triloka - Mind, Time and Space

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    A tree grows in a specific way, ever mirroring the growth of all reality as a template. Information is enfolded inside; insight is sight within. Notice how a tree grows by Line, Branch and Fold, just as dimensions do the same. From the tree, fruit and a forest. All of us express from root to fruit in the same manner.

    10 dimensions starting with Space

    From the Diamond Sutra, there are 10 directions of reality. North, South, East, West, Past, Present, Future, Above and Below. Note that the diamond sutra say 10, yet leaves out one. Which direction is the most important to know? Inside! Below, the 3 sections of Ganas and the 3 expressions of the 10 directions. Inside is the Absolute. All other directions express from the Mind as dimensional Mind, Time and Space. All three are one thing. Below the mind, the 6 realms of passion and ignorance. Note that Yama rules at the 4th dimension and below, regulating our choice after it is made. Yama is Self-control, or the ruler of the underworld. In each person, this is the sub-conscious. Manu is the dweller on the threshold of time and space, in a state of insconscience (Amnesia).

    SPACE - Ignorance - Tamas

    1st Dimension - Line
    2nd Dimension - Branch
    3rd Dimension - Fold (form)

    Note that the tree of life expresses as a shadow of time.

    TIME - Passion - Rajas

    4th Dimension - Line of Time
    5th Dimension - Branching of Wave Function (determined states)
    6th Dimension - Enfolded Wave function (indeterminate states)

    While science only sees light as particle and wave, the truth is that consciousness resides in parallel to particle and wave function. So far, I have shown how linear mathematics demonstrates the orthogonal nature of line, branch and fold. If you imagine your 2D shadow as a dimension lower than your body, then imagine your body as the shadow of time. Time is the shadow of collapsing wave function (choice). Wave function collapse is the shadow of indeterminate wave function above the branching of timelines.

    Here is your question: Where is the mind? Can matter produce the mind, or is matter collapsed as a shadow of the mind above by dimension? The latter choice is the only choice that can be clearly demonstrated. This does not negate evolution, however. E in Latin means 'out of.' Volution means circling a center. By what I show here, evolution is a result of volution. Involution is the cause, which arises from here:

    MIND - Sattva - Goodness

    7th Dimension - Line of Mind
    8th Dimension - Branching of thought
    9th Dimension - Folding of thought

    We then arrive at the 10th dimension. Here, all existence is set into the general inertia of evolving forms as a hologram / image / creation / design. Take a look at one cross-section of this now. In 2D, there are infinite regular polytopes. In 3D, there are only five platonic solids. In 4D, there are 6 regular polytopes. In 5D and all higher dimensions, there can only be three, which, I submit, are all that truly exist. Science calls it Neutron, Proton and Electron. Christians call it the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Hindus call it the Trimurti. Three states of higher being making all things. Gate of all wonders.

    In this, the TAO (Way) and the Word (Son of Creation). As Sanskrit is the origin of all religion, shadows of this same Triloka appears in all other traditions.
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