Being a Baha'i in Yemen is perilous...

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    Being a Baha'i in Yemen is nowadays becoming increasingly perilous

    From news media UK Telegraph:

    "The Baha'is, who belong to the world’s youngest monotheistic faith and represent fewer than one percent of the country’s population, could now be “arrested at any moment”, the campaign group said....

    Many of the more than 20 Baha’i who received the calls were already arrested last August by armed officers in balaclavas, Amnesty said. They were later released following international pressure.

    “They are fearful that they could get arrested at any moment,” Rasha Mohamed, who researches the country for Amnesty, told The Telegraph. “If they were arrested, their children are at risk of being detained, too, because they have nowhere to go.

    “[The Houthi authorities] must immediately stop persecuting members of the Baha’i community. All eyes are on the authorities as to how they are going to deal with this.”

    Yemen's Baha'is face a 'pattern of persecution', warns Amnesty International

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